Pricing Information

Structural/ Mechanical Inspection

Up to 2,000 Square Feet

Add $10.00 For Each Additional 100 Square Feet  Above 2,000
[Example:  2,500 Sq Ft would add $50 for a total of $350.00]

Multi-Family and Commercial Properties

Add $50 for each Additional Unit [with Central Heat System]
Add $75 for each Additional Unit [with Separate Heat System]

[Example: A Three Family with Central Heat System would add $100 to Base Price]
[Example: A Three Family with Individual Heat Systems would add $150 to Base Price]

Foundation Crawlspaces

Add $10/100 square feet of crawlspace area.

Travel Distance Charge

For travel distances greater than 45 minutes, please add $50.

Please note:
When scheduling inspection, please allow three hours for the inspection.

With buyer's permission, we will provide an inspection summary to the buyer's agent within 24 hours.

Additional testing services available
[When performed at time of structural/mechanical inspection]

Termite/Pest Inspection [per residential building]
Termite/Pest Inspection [per commercial building]
Bacterial Water Test
Septic Dye Test
Radon Gas Test [Two cannisters - EPA protocol]

Other Services:

We provide indoor air quality testing, as well as asbestos, lead and mold inspections and sampling.